Grapes are our expertise

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Doing it Right!

Owner, Pavan Gill, has been working in the Vineyard & Orchard industry since he was old enough to reach the pedals of the old John Deere. Growing up in the industry has enabled him to gain knowledge and experience in growing quality fruit.  Leaving his hometown, Oliver BC, only long enough to gain a business degree, Pavan returned in 2014 to build a business in the field he has always had a passion for, Wine! 

Pavan Group owns and manages several vineyards across the Okanagan and has had great success in building strong relationships with leaders in the wine making industry. Let Pavan Group take your Vineyard to the next level! We can help your Vineyard become a lucrative and established part of this market in beautiful wine country without the stress or headaches that can be involved. 

Contact us today to learn more about our wide range of services. Pavan Group can provide the labour force and equipment to manage all of your Vineyard's demands.